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300 Hours of Summer

Now that fall is here, it is lovely to reflect the warmth and memories created during the summer.

Having the mindset to get outside as much as possible really fell into place as the year got warmer (except during the "heat dome" and low air quality days). It felt natural to plan our days around outdoor activities even if that meant just "heading out" in the morning, armed with plenty of snacks, water, and extra clothing, to see where the day would take us (and excitingly, what it would feed us).

I kind of let "counting hours" slide this summer. Although, looking through photos, it turned out to be easy to approximate the number of hours we spent outside during the summer months. It was exciting to discover that since the last time we posted an hour count, we had accumulated approximately 301 additional hours (yes, the 1 feels important to include!).

Here are some of the highlights:

We traveled for the first time since Covid!