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5 Eco-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas

Over the past year of searching out natural / organic / sustainable products for home, play, and keeping warm, these are some of our favourite Holiday gift ideas for 2021!

* Please note, we have no affiliation with these stores beyond loving their products. In all cases, we use these products ourselves and/or for our children, have met (many) of the shop owners, and feel excited about sharing who they are and why they produce what they do. Additionally, all items/shops listed are Canadian-made, have organic options (where possible), and outline transparent sustainability practices on their websites.

1. Outdoor Learning Items:

Our hunt for durable magnifying glasses (for toddlers) ended with the not-for-profit Outdoor Learning Store. Not only did we find the glasses, but also, an amazing selection of awesome options for supporting outdoor adventures.

Described as "a charitable social enterprise with all proceeds going back to outdoor learning non-profits that support schools and communities," there are many fantastic items that facilitate outdoor learning / play, including resources for both parents and teachers.

We love it because there are options from "early years" through post-secondary (and beyond!). Our favourites: