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"A Seed is Sleepy" Book Review and Seed Planting Activity

We started out this morning with purple markers ... what to do next - plant seeds!

A new and fabulous addition to our Spring Reading List, A Seed is Sleepy, arrived at our house a few days ago. This was perfect timing to get us motivated for seedlings. Somehow the February winter has been weighing on us all and the soil, seed starter kit, and seeds we bought weeks ago has been moved between the kitchen and basement at least three times. This book is a gentle and lovely way to get in the mood for spring and planting. The illustrations, diversity, and detail on how a seed starts out and slowly grows roots down and unfolds a plant up, as well as the many different characteristics of a seed are easy and beautiful (yet detailed and informative) reading. We bought this after reading A Nest is Noisy, which is similar in that it is a beautiful addition to a home library as well as perfect for our Spring Reading List.