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Creating our 2021 Vision Board!

We aim to do a vision board every year around the end of January. Usually it is on my radar and I wait until I can feel that winter lethargy has started to let go and a bit of spring energy starts creeping back in. Every year I am amazed at how the act of creating a vision board fills me with energy and pushes forward a renewed sense of purpose. It is also always an easier and more fulfilling exercise than I imagine it will be.

Before getting into the details of creating a vision board, here is a picture of our board from last year. Every year I am amazed - and some years astonished, at how relevant, and how closely what is described on the board translates into our life. Last year's board is no exception. In fact, when I see "health, love, and safety" right in the centre and I think of everything 2020 brought (this board was completed in Jan 2020 pre-pandemic), I am struck by how completely relevant our wishes remained throughout the year. Also, how absolutely grateful we are that it aligned with the year's outcome.

A vision board can be a very private activity. It is usually close to the heart and truthful regarding personal hopes and aspirations for the upcoming year. Regarding our vision board, I am happy to share, because I feel it so closely illustrates the power of creation and keeping a vision close in heart and mind throughout the year. It also articulates our values and is at the heart of Nurturing Through Nature as we believe and strive to live.

Our Vision Board 2020:

Three key things stand out when looking at this photo:

  1. How relevant the "Core Values" became and remained throughout the year