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Getting Ready to Garden!

Part of our commitment to sustainability includes turning our front and back yard into natural garden space supporting as many local flora and fauna as possible. Our goals for this are two-fold:

  1. Planning the space to support outdoor play

  2. Growing organic, native food and flowers that nourish us and local fauna!

After some reading and recognizing the importance of planning, we narrowed down to a few targeted goals for the 2021 gardening year.

This year our garden focus includes:

  • Introduction of local, native plants

  • Inclusion of flowers specifically to support the bees

  • Adding a planting area specifically for the kids with easy, fast growing plants (beans, peas, lettuce, sweet peas)

  • Integrating an organic compost

  • Starting seedlings early indoors (tomatoes, some flowers)

With the weather in the -20C range this week, we decided it was the perfect time to get started on our seedlings. It was a great day to head to the garden centre for supplies including:

  • Organic potting soil

  • Seedling bio-starter containers (plantable pots)

  • Organic vegetable fertilizer

  • Seeds!

Wish us luck with planting tomorrow!

Photo of our first year of roses (2020):

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