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Native Garden Update 2021

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Lots of changes in our second year of gardening. Small visible changes, but the sewn seeds are settling in and we look forward to seeing them thrive! The goal remains to "re-wild" in terms of increasing diverse attraction for pollinators, decreasing the need for fertilization and watering, organically grow an increasing amount of our own food, and create an outdoor space that we can and want to use daily, year round.

Zone 1: Barren space under back conifer tree

Two native Alberta plants, harebells and red Columbine, both of which thrive in shade and high-acidity soil, are starting to take root and flower. Depending on how they seed, more of these, or another variety may be added next year.

Zone 2: "Graveyard" garden



... still a "graveyard" looking space

... but we have plans for 2022 including:

  • Raised beds for growing food as well as diverse "bee loving" flowers

  • "Cafe" area as a place to sit with a cup of tea (or wine) and watch the kids

  • Arching trellis to add texture and support vine vegetables, as well as improve privacy along the back fence

Wanting to get started, we added some native plants for integration into the raised beds next year:

  • Silky scorpionweed (native), sticky geranium (native), prairie crocus (native), dahlia tubers, two nanking cherry bushes, and penstemon (native)

And to eat for this year ...

  • Carrots, potatoes, blueberries (5 berries this year!), raised planters for lettuce, kale, tomatoes, and herbs

Zone 3: Current semi-shaded chain link fence with little-to-no privacy



This year's update includes:

  • Bamboo fence coverage along fence

  • Trellis fans to support native western whie clematis and twinning honeysuckle

  • Obstacle course stumps and planks

  • Creeping thyme and wild strawberries as ground cover between stumps and planks - both hardy under foot

Still to come includes a covering of mulch and possibly "bean bridge" trellis.

Zone 4: Shaded North side of the house


Dirty and dangerous!


  • Cleaned out, levelled, new soil added

  • Curved stone pathway dug in

  • Native plant varieties added including Canada Violet, Northern Bedstraw, two types of aster, as well as creeping thyme (non-native)

Next up includes fence update, gate, clematis tunnel, mulch, and additional ground cover.

Zone 5: Front lawn / Library:


Work in progress:


  • Three levels of stonework added (by Rick with stones from Facebook marketplace)

  • Stone path dug in to connect to North side path

  • Native garden planted on the top level including wild prairie rose, wild strawberries, Canada milkvetch, Showy Jacob's Ladder, and Meadow Arnica

  • Non-native plants and shrubs added for texture and more immediate effect including tea roses, creeping Jenny, Baneberry, potentilla, and others

Stonework, creeping Jenny, and spikes added below the willow:

Stonework and lavender added to library:

Blue clematis added to the visible side gate beside very happy rhubarb and new, native Fireweed:

And lastly, an update on the roses (4/5 came back this year):

A labour of love, more to come!

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