Our Collectable Books and Favourite Reads Ages 0 - 4

Most of the books on this list are picture books, which most often are recommended for ages 4+. With all of the books below, we started reading them at an earlier age, due to the accessibility of the stories through illustrations. At different times, we will read the full text, or we might tell a much abridged, or higher-level version based on how the audience (17 months and 3 years) is feeling. Whichever way they are read, these books bring joy and deepen our love of reading every time. They have made the "parents are able to read multiple times in a row without cringing" list and more than that have touched our hearts and become familiar friends to visit and curl up with for many years to come.

This is a book to enjoy over and over again. And each time through, to re-imagine the text that accompanies the detailed, animated, and life-giving illustrations by David Wiesner in Mr