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Indoor Preschool Activities: An Invitation to Play

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Another -35C windchill day, another day inside! For the third indoor day in a row, we needed something daring and dangerous to satisfy the thirst of our adventure crew.

We decided that an appropriate adventure for the day would be to take inspiration from one of the books on our Spring Reading List, Make Way for Ducklings and create a treacherous spring obstacle course.

Our book review for Make Way for Ducklings:

Love this book! If you have ever visited Boston (or if you haven't), the illustrations in Make Way for Ducklings will have you transported through time, on a tour of Charles Street, around Beacon Hill, and of course through the Public Garden. The book brings the sights and sounds of Boston to life, as well as highlighting springtime life for a duck family. It is great for introducing the concept of bird migration and all the challenges baby ducklings face in the big, wide world every spring!

Click picture of book for link to purchase book

We began construction using the Pikler Triangle (worth every penny!) and the couch cushions. First, we created remote Cushion Island, just like the island in the Boston Public Garden, except with a slide bridge entry.

Then, after exploration of the site, we decided on expansion and added another, smaller and more exclusive island with a bridge crossing over a dangerously fast flowing river. This was scary, and thirsty work.

After refreshment, we added some stump steps as an alternate river crossing for when the bridge goes out, and an additional darkened tunnel entry. At this point, despite the danger, we got serious about some indoor athletics.

After a more satiating refuelling break, came an attempted river expedition.

Then the exciting discovery of some island and river animals including ducklings, a frog, and a turtle.

As a fortunate culmination to the day's adventures, we were very lucky to witness the hatching of eggs into two duckling robin and chick birds. 🐣

After all the excitement of the day, our adventurers are sleeping soundly and warmly while the temperatures dip further to -41C windchill.

Until next time, thanks for visiting, stay warm, and keep playing!

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