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Valentine's Day Cookie Delivery!

We made it out today!! Not only did it feel absolutely balmy at -6C, but we didn’t even notice 2.5hrs had gone by before we got home!! Also, so excited we delivered 18 bags of Valentine’s Day cookies to the neighbours! 🙌🙌

Learning about how to “make others feel happy” through baking, decorating, and giving! Pretty awesome feeling today!! 💕💕👍

Full "Project Cookie" prep and delivery:

1. Planning!

What better theme than Valentine's Day to spread a bit of love and cheer (especially amidst the global pandemic...). First, we (by "we," I mean my amazing, baking husband) planned the cookie shapes (easy!), icing theme (royal icing boarder with inner flooding of various colours, outline of sprinkles, and abstract artist final touches!

For inspiration, we started gathering supplies, reviewing Valentine's Day materials, and getting the artistic energy flowing.

2. Then the real fun begins ... mixing, rolling, baking, outlining, and filling oh my!