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What the heck is a fractal and why you need one in your living room.

Recent scientific evidence proves that viewing natural patterns in nature makes us feel relaxed. How can this be used to our advantage when we might not be able to escape for a walk in a natural area or forest?

I am crouching by the side of the walking path eyeing the best angle for sunlight to filter through a stalk of long grass so I can capture the beauty that called me to stop.

Image taken and owned by author

In my peripheral vision, a pair of men are approaching down the path.

For a split second I contemplate popping up and pushing off before they notice what I am looking at.

No, quickly the decision to finish snapping my shot before standing.

"What kind of berries were you looking at?" asks the man closest, on the inside of the path.

I take a breath and search for a simple response to avoid lengthy explanation. This somehow feels more