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Zero Waste Project 2021

"I need a new project," I said unloading a stack of library books.

"Um hmm", said my husband.

On a recent visit to our local library, I encountered Kate Arnell's book, "Six Weeks to Zero Waste."

Described on the cover as "a simple plan," it felt like something I could at least manage to flip through during the day. I added it to the growing pile of picture books and acknowledged that it felt good (and unexpected) to pick out a book for myself.

The feeling that it might provide a feasible project was reinforced by Arnsell's words:

I still create some waste. I'm not perfect and I don't believe anyone should try to be. ...
I want this book to be a reassuring voice that removes any guilt and encourages folks to do the best they can in that moment. Kate Arnell

Arnell's book turns out to be very "flippable," something manageable in bite sizes. For anyone interested in reducing waste, implementing any of the reasonable options outlined in the book feels like progress.