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Building and Restoring Healthy Bodies and Minds

Nurturing Through Nature

In today's world, more than ever, a fundamental connection to the real, natural world around us is necessary to build and maintain both physical and mental health. At Nurturing Through Nature, we strive to nurture human bodies and minds through fostering a deep connection and reciprocal relationship with the natural world.


The Buchler's "Shoot For The Stars" for Women's Mental Health

Big News, Big Goals! 

In honour of Mental Health Day this year, Nurturing Through Nature proudly supports The Buchlers' "Shoot for the Stars" Fundraising Campaign with the Calgary Run for Women, aiming to raise $10,000 for women's mental health in 2024.

Going forward, 15% of all Forest Therapy/Bathing walk profits will go directly to support women's mental health through the Calgary Mental Health Program. 

Want to help? Learn more about our story and donate using the link below!

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"This Forest Bathing Walk is the perfect way to slow yourself down, reconnect with nature and clear your mind from all the stressors that City life brings. Highly recommend it. It has inspired me to continue on my own walks on a weekly/bi-weekly basis." 

Sally, ASCCA Walk Participant

Ann and Sandy Cross Dates 2023.jpg

Thank you ASCCA! 

The walks at Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area this summer and fall were a success! 


Thank you to those who came out and experienced Forest Bathing at ASCCA. 

Stay tuned for upcoming dates for 2024 as well as some fun "themed" sessions this winter. 

We would love to see you! 

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"Although I walk a lot in parkland and forest, the experience of slowing down to acknowledge surroundings, smells, taste, colour and texture was even more powerful and relaxing"

ASCCA Walk Participant

Forest Therapy Services

Guided Forest Therapy sessions are offered year round (maximum cold temp -10C) for individuals and groups including families. 


Forest Therapy originated from "forest bathing," which is a literal reference to spending time "bathing" in health-promoting chemicals produced by the forest.


We don't focus on any goals such as getting to a certain location in a certain time, as we might if we were hiking. 


Rather, time is spent connecting with one's senses, slowing down, noticing the world around us, and incorporating this experience as further knowledge of ourselves and the natural world.

What to Expect: 

  • Low impact 

  • Slow walking with minimal terrain changes

  • Guided mindfulness invitations 

  • Connection to nature through the senses

  • Tea ceremony 

Session Length:


To get the full connective, restorative, and relaxation benefits of a forest therapy session, the recommended session length is 2.5 - 3 hours. Shorter "taster" sessions are available both in person and virtually for a shorter sample experience. 


Currently walks are limited to Calgary and the surrounding area. Specific trail locations will be determined with the group based on season, preferred location, numbers, and availability. 


3-Hour Group Session:

  • $300 minimum, 3 person minimum/15 person maximum ($30 pp for 10 or more) 

1.5-Hour Group Taster Session: 

  • $150 minimum, 3 person minimum/15 person maximum ($20 pp for 10 or more) 

1.5-Hour Virtual Session:

  • $50 minimum, 1 person minimum/20 person maximum ($10 pp for 5 or more) 

Custom Pricing Available for: 

  • Full and half-day group sessions 

  • Families 

Nicole Hopkins

“Julianne is a caring leader and her respect for the group and the environment was evident throughout. She incorporated trauma-informed language by communicating events clearly and presenting lots of choices. Julianne has a gift of sharing the benefits of nature AND allowing you to have your own experience."

Session Request

Submit your request details

Please input your details and message including: 

  • Number of individuals

  • Date(s) requested 

  • Location requested

  • Additional details: event, celebration, team building etc. 

Thank you for your request. We will respond to you asap and look forward to facilitating your Forest Therapy experience.

Thanks for submitting!


E.O. Wilson

"Nature holds the key to our aesthetic, intellectual, cognitive, and even spiritual satisfaction"

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