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Nature Reads - Some Favourites!

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

Recently, while on the first trip away from my babies (ever), I spent some time calming my worried mind getting lost in the fractals of two gorgeous trees. Lying on my back tracing their beauty against the evening sky I was out of the pictured chaos in my mind in no time (in fact all went great), feeling my body supported by the ground and absorbed in the brilliant colours, contrast, and ever expanding "Y" shapes moving from trunk to branch, to twig and leaf. It was a website linked below, Healing Forest, which gave me this idea as well as the thought to compile the list of resources below.


Each of these books or links shares the central theme of remembering, developing, and supporting the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature. If you are looking for inspirational exploration of the power of spending time, or just "being" in nature including benefits for both the body and the mind, ideas for easily accessing calm and rejuvenation, or just learning about the rapidly growing body of scientific support of the benefits of connecting with nature, these are for you - enjoy!

Healing Forests

A brilliant website including many free ideas for connecting with nature as close to home as your backyard. Each page is filled with content and realistic, tangible, and easy to implement activities for kids ages 2 through 99. <