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Little Free Library Love

Since launching our Little Free Library at the beginning of April, we have had some great experiences.

1. Amazingly generous donations.

We started out buying books for the Little Free Library. There is no shortage of books for all ages to purchase on Marketplace and often for very reasonable prices. Very soon we realized that it was going to take a lot of books to keep our library stocked (yay!) and that we needed to source larger volumes.

After putting an "In Search Of" ad on Marketplace, we were quickly overwhelmed by the incredible generosity of Calgarians who offered boxes and bags full of their used books. In just a matter of days we had more books that we knew what to do with and needed to put a hold on the ad with information on how to donate books to Calgary Reads (more about this fantastic organization below).

2. Fantastic book finds.

Not only were we overwhelmed with the quantity of books, but also with the quality. One of the goals of the Little Free Library is to provide quality literature to children and adults in the neighbourhood for free. One easy way to identify "good" books, without judging a book by it's cover 🤪, is to look for award winners. Check out the selection of Newbury Medal Winners (awarded for the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children) that we found in boxes from just the first day of donations!

3. Finding C