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Little Free Library YYC Launch!

Today started like any other day, and ended with the unexpected launch of our Little Free Library!

Thanks to Daddy, who had a lighter work day than expected, the kids and I came home to a very exciting project in the works:

The collection of "Library Launch" books luckily were at the ready and after a shine of the glass door, they are looking quite happy on display in their new home!

For fun we plan on trying to match the library books to the seasons and share our favourites with the neighbourhood.

To start, we added this Spring Reading List Favourite:

If you are at all a tactile and or visual book person, Nature Anatomy is for you. I love to pick up this book and feel in my hands, as well as open it to any page for the absolutely beautiful illustrations. Julia Rothman makes scientific facts and anatomy seem simple, yet beautifully complex through easy to understand explanations and detailed pictures. This book is definitely on a higher reading level, however, is again accessible to any age through discussion of pictures and high-level concepts. This will be in our library for years to come and one I hope to see both kids curled up with on many occasions!

Stay tuned for our official Launch Party plans coming soon!

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