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Preschool Winter Reading List

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Whether you cuddle up on a winter's night, or read at the breakfast table prior to a day out in the snow, we hope you enjoy this collection of our winter favourites! Please comment and also let us know your favourite winter reads!

Winter Reading List:

At the end of this book I felt shivers as if I had been outside under the owl moon myself. This book is written by someone who has been out on that cold night, filled with anticipation, feeling the cold but not caring, and coming back brimming over from an incredible and exhilarating experience.

The author, who writes of the experience of her daughter “owling” with her father, paints such a real picture, that you feel in the shoes, thoughts, and feelings of the young girl out on a cold, clear, dark night with her Pa.

A wonderful book to read and to experience as a listener. We read it after coming in from a cold and snowy afternoon - the perfect set up! Maybe it was the snacks, but I think it was the story and beautiful illustrations, that held both my toddler and preschooler spellbound. We now have owl sounds resonating through the house on a regular basis! A definite on both our "winter" and “classic” reading lists and one that will join us on many a snowy afternoon / winter evening for years to come!

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Definitely includes elements of fantasy making it not necessarily Montessori aligned for toddler/preschool age, however it is charming, fun, and beautifully worded and illustrated. The writing is a pleasure to read aloud and additional elements such as hidden shapes make it fun beyond a great story.

We loved reading Snowmen at Night after spending a day outside building our first snowman of the year. It also tied in very nicely for motivating our skating, sledding, and outdoor adventures during a particularly cold few weeks this winter! Of course, every winter activity is also not complete without some hot cocoa - this made for an interesting basic introductory scie