Inspirational Parenting Books: Review

Reflecting on our journey in sourcing and collecting children's books that support our goals for learning about and loving nature, as well as fostering integrity, creativity, and innovation, I decided to share some of the parenting books that continue to influence my thinking and may have value for others in seeking inspiration. Each of the books below contains threads of the same themes and has contributed to the experiences we seek out on a daily basis. Enjoy!

Exceptionally helpful for exactly what it says - Simplicity Parenting. This book helped us forge a path towards decluttering and simplifying our home (and as a result, our minds and our lives). The key and takeaway for me is "less is more" in practice. This relates to almost everything in the home, as well as daily schedule. As a result of reading it, we have moved to:

  • A simplified daily schedule including key routines of sit down meals, daily outdoor time, and sacred protection of sleep

  • Simplified consumption of whole (and organic where possible) foods at regular meal and snack times

  • Limited media including no tv/screen time for kids and limited news via radio